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Parrs Products Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned family company established in 1951 by Des and Margaret Parr in Auckland, New Zealand. It started as a small cottage industry, after merging with Maori Reflections, a souvenir retailer, the company grew to having its own warehouse, office and showroom and is now one of the largest souvenir manufacturers/distributors in New Zealand.

For over 20 years, Parrs Products Ltd has become renowned for their New Zealand made skincare products, all of which feature key naturally occurring ingredients unique to New Zealand. Parrs Products Ltd was the first to realise the benefits of using Thermal Mud, Manuka Honey and Kiwifruit in the beauty industry.

Research and development

A core principal of Parrs is to re-invest back into research and development to enhance our understanding of the many applications of the materials, and natural ingredients found in all our products.

International standards

At Parrs, we are committed to producing products to the highest possible standards that exceed international standards and regulatory requirements in an ethical fashion as a responsible and conscientious global business.

Accessible Skincare for everyone

It is important that everyone is able to enjoy the many benefits that come from Parr’s naturally derived New Zealand ingredients. Bringing the best of both worlds – natural, uniquely New Zealand key ingredients, and an affordable pricing structure.

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Wild Ferns Singapore

A-One Traders & Importers Pte Ltd is Singapore and Indonesia’s exclusive distributor for Wild Ferns for the past 3 years. We aim to continue to bring the best of New Zealand to the customers in Singapore and Indonesia.

Wild Ferns

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Manuka is a flowering tea tree native to New Zealand. The honey that is collected from these flowers has long been renowned for its remarkable beneficial properties. Manuka Honey contains special antibacterial properties in addition to antioxidants that assist regeneration of new cells as well as neutralize skin cell damage. Manuka Honey is also a natural humectant; acting to prevent loss of moisture in addition to being extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that nourish, soothe and heal sensitive skin.

There is peptide in Bee Venom called Melittin. When Bee Venom skincare comes in contact with your skin, your body reacts like it has been stung, stimulating the skin to produce Collagen and Elastin. Combined with the skin boosting benefits of Manuka Honey, these key ingredients work to achieve the perfect balance to assist in the health, wellbeing and natural enhancement of the skin.

Rotorua Mud is excellent for use in regenerative skin care as it has a very strong affinity for moisture. This mud on drying will generate heat, increasing the blood circulation and perspiration which help eliminate toxins and other wastes. It easily absorbs excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skin’s pores, detoxifies and purifies and, as the mud dries on the skin, helps promote the regeneration of new cells. Sulphur, while a very odorous mineral, is very beneficial and naturally occurring in Rotorua Mud, which acts as an antibacterial agent assisting in the prevention and elimination of acne.

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