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Benefits Of Keeping Skin Hydrated


Benefits Of Keeping Skin Hydrated

May 16, 2018

Do you have dry, itchy, aging skin? A few reasons could be by not applying collagen skincare products, not drinking enough water to keep your skin hydrated. Given that our bodies are made up of more than 50% water, it probably comes as no surprise that H20 is one of the most important energy sources for your body.

As we lose water in large amounts every single day and these fluids need to be replenished on a regular basis, but here’s the catch—simply drinking water means that it will reach other parts of your body before it reaches your skin It allows your skin to rejuvenate so that it looks and feels smooth and soft. This is due to the fact that the outermost layer of the skin has the moisture it needs to flush away toxins and carry nutrients to the skin’s cells. Keeping skin well-hydrated is also less sensitive to irritants and germs that can slip through the lipid barrier when the skin lacks moisture.

In this article, read on more to find out the important habits you can do for your skin’s health and appearance is to stay healthy and soft, and to apply the right products to keep your skin glowing.

Simply follow this advices:

  • Use Warm Water for Bathing & Showering –Taking very hot showers can potentially rob your skin moisture as it needs to be healthy and soft. By simply lowering the temperature of the water, you can help your skin stay hydrated.

  • Always remember to use a Moisturizer daily – best recommended is to use it twice a day to keep your skin moisturized –shortly after showering or bathing, apply moisturizer to your skin will help your skin absorb lost moisture while your pores are open, making the moisturizer to its best use. Try our natural manuka honey moisturizer

  • Eating foods that are rich in Essential Fatty Acids – we all know by applying products on our external skin isn’t good enough to keep your skin glowing and healthy therefore it is also important to eat foods rich in essential fatty acids like salmon, olive oil, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, you can help keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated by improving your skin’s hydration levels.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses a day – will help rid the body and skin of toxins. Many people often report that by increasing their water intake, their skin has a more radiant glow. Those who suffer from acne have reported the same results. Nothing will happen overnight, but even a good couple of weeks of increasing water intake should be enough for you to see how hydration affects your own skin.

  • Turn Down the Air-Conditioner – if you are constantly in an air-conditioned place, chances are your skin tends to be drier than normal, it is essential that you apply moisture spray mist to keep your skin moist and supply at an optimal level.